White Cochin Bantam
In Loving Memory of #1 2006-2009 Bred by Judy Gantt
2008 Res Ch. Bantam at Southern Ohio and Kentuckiana
2009 Pullet         Daughter of #1
Best Cochin at 2009 Bluegrass Poultry
#2 2007 Hen       Bred by Judy Gantt
Ch. Featherleg 2008 Southern Ohio Fall, RV Ohio National
2007 Cock            Bred by Judy Gantt
2007 Cock             Bred by Judy Gantt
Res. Featherleg 2008 Kentickiana, RV Southern Ohio

2009 Cockerel       Son of #1
I got my start in top notch cochins from Judy Gantt in 2007. I've won many awards since then. I recently lost my #1 hen who was much loved and cherished and will never be forgotten. Her legacy lives on in the 7 babies she gave me, 6 pullets and a cockerel.
2013 Late Hatched Cockerel